• Сибирская, Beverage Testing Institute, 2012, Silver Medal

  • Sibirskaya Strong, San Francisco World Spirits Competition, 2013, Double Gold Medal

  • Sibirskaya Strong, World Food Moscow 2014, Gold Medal

Vodka Sibirskaya

Best. Strong. Russian.

One of the most outstanding brands we have in ‘Golden Manufacture’ company's portfolio is Vodka Sibirskaya (Siberian). It is always in great demand as well as our other products, which are popular among our customers (Russkaya, Stolichnaya and Posolskaya vodkas). This comes as we use the natural combination of the components that makes this product:

  • 45% alcohol made out of best sorts of one-year spring wheat;
  • the clearest water which has gone through multi-stage purification system made with natural materials.
Sibirskaya vodka Classic is a classic Russian vodka formulation including only Delux grain alcohol, an infusion of Siberian cedar berries, honey and sugar. The perfect classic vodka taste of the drink is reached by thorough multiple filtration through natural materials.
A legend of Russian and Soviet vodka industry. Sibirskaya vodka 45% is a drink for true men. It's stronger than Siberian frosts. It's irreplaceable during a true Russian winter.

Our company uses only classic receipts for production of our vodka. Any artificial components are strictly excluded out of the process to ensure our original taste and aroma. Our vodka is highly valued because of the total absence of flavoring agents, taste improvers, preservatives or any other synthetic addings. The taste remaine soft, invigorating and tart a bit which makes it unique, bright and memorable.

In the recent years Vodka Sibirskaya has been keeping its positions among the leaders of the Russian market. Hundreds thousands of Russians prefer it and recognize its unique taste and aroma.

At the moment the popularity of our drink has spread far beyond Russian borders; constantly growing network of dealers and partners of ‘Golden Manufacture’ has helped us to introduce our product to international market where it has been finely welcomed. Our international partners has never regretted their choice once they decided on Vodka Sibirskaya: this drink really deserve your attention since it represents the most ancient Russian traditions, reveals the mysteries of Russian soul and helps to learn the very soul of our country.

The label of the vodka is well-known nowadays; this drink is lived and highly valued — it has become really popular.