• Russian Diamond, San Francisco World Spirits Competition, 2013, Gold Medal

  • Russian Diamond, World Beverage Competition, 2014, Platinum


  • Russian Diamond, San Francisco World Spirits Competition, 2014, Gold Medal

  • Russian Diamond, Monde Selection, Bruxelles 2014, Grand Gold Quality Award

  • Russian Diamond, The Vodka Masters 2014, Маster Award

Russian Diamond

“Russian Diamond” symbolizes the perfection of Russian vodka.

The art of manufacturing of the Russian Diamond Premium vodka is comparable to nothing but a diamond faceting; it is a long and thorough process, demanding the total engagement of the master distiller. Any, even the tiniest error, would break the perfection and the purity of the precious drink.

Drop by drop the blend goes through the most complex filtering system, ever known for vodka manufacturing.

57 purification stages — unique, unrivaled purification level for a vodka. The Russian Diamond vodka is produced in the region of historical birthplace of this traditional Russian drink using the crystal clear artesian water of the Mytishchi springs — the water used for vodka manufacturing since the Russia of Tsars. The unique water and the components of the finest quality create the drink of perfect purity and freshness — the Russian Diamond vodka.

57 facets has a diamond, 57 filtration stages has the Russian Diamond Premium vodka.

  • Ancient schungite and rock crystal, smokestone and rare onyx share with the vodka the mighty energy of the planet;
  • The needles of Siberian pine tree and pine nuts enrich the blend with the power of virgin nature;
  • The interaction with precious stones and metals creates a complex and multifaceted structure of the flavor, giving a genuine pleasure to the Russian vodka connoisseurs.

Before reveal a true masterpiece, the master blender puts the blend into complete silence and peace. The interaction of the components occurs; the structure of the drink becomes homogenous, thereby creating a pure vibration of the perfect taste — the soul of the Russian Diamond Premium vodka.